Since 2011 till today our food as a maximum the consumer surveys f serving authentic fast food. The food served at all our branches procession of taste & texture and has maintained the originality of i quality. From our famous Club Sandwich to our super selling Burge customer love the food and service.

If you are looking for a profitable franchisee module and great services experience for your new startup, look no further. We at MS FOOD provide most profitable franchisee module. We have more than 35 branches in Guja and projection of 50 branches till 2022.


Even the longest journey begins with the first step towards you goal. Back in November 2011, the founders of MSFOOD, Mr. Minesh Shan and Mr. Hemal Shah, opened the first branch @ Sabarmati. MSFOOD kept growing and in 2015 another outlet was established at Maninagar in 2015. By collaborating as part-time partner. Mr. Anil Modi utilized his Management skills to take MSFOOD at another level towards progress. In following couple of years. MSFOOD expanded the business and opened 6 more outlets across the city. Which ranked it up from a fastfood cafe to a successful and trustworthy brand. In 2017. MSFOOD got Mr. Jasmin Shah as another enthusiastic partner. With multiple creative ideas and endless efforts MSFOOD kept improving its management, quality, trust and taste. The hardwork and efforts paid up and MSFOOD opened it’s first branch outside the city at Dahod. This was the beginning of another level of success as now more and more MSFOOD outlets were starting in all over Gujarat. In 2021, Mr. Harshdeep Zala joined MSFOOD with having wonderful portfolio containing Hotel Management degree and years of experience working in 5 star hotels in Mauritious. With-in time span of 10 years, MSFOOD now have more then over 30 successfully running outlets across Gujarat.