MS Food is a fast-growing brand with a loyal customer base, consisting of youngsters, families, and professionals. It has sustained its footing in the ever-changing food scenario, consistently developing, delivering and evolving as per customer requirements. While many cafes, tea lounges, and restaurants have become proven open and shut cases, Varietea has proved that it is here to stay – and not just stay, grow into something much larger.

Join hands and partner with us in this super profitable business. There is much you stand to gain:

  1. We have identified a standard hospitality service system, that simply needs to be followed.
  2. Our supply chain is smooth and very well established. As most of the teas come from our brand of tea, there will never be a dearth or error in the supply. Most teas are packed and curated, keeping in mind our specific audience. These will be available to you at all times.
  3. We’ve cracked the code – the business model is sustainable and profitable. We’ve built, tried and tested it ourselves.
  4. Reputed architects create the interiors and the ambiance for every outlet, so interiors won’t be your headache. We’ve identified the perfect balance for a café like ours.


nce you partner with us, our steadfast and super enthusiastic team will guide you through every step. It doesn’t matter if you have had no experience in hospitality or food before. We’ll be there to stand by you every step. Here’s the support you can expect from us:

  1. Market Research
    We will assist you and do most of the market research for you, regarding the area, the kind of crowd – everything. Our dedicated team will study the potential that your region has and if it fits into our scheme of things. We’ll deduce, through proper statistical study whether or not the people in and around your region will welcome a concept like ours, what the challenges will be, what the advantages will be.
  2. Business Plan
    No prior business experience – no problem. If this franchise is your first ever step into the world of entrepreneurship, we will help you create a plan for the business and even evaluate your profits for you. We will also calculate the success rate of the space you choose to do this at, and come up with the perfect plan to help you yield maximum sales from this venture.
  3. Starter Support
    The buck doesn’t just stop during the pre-planning phase – we’ll be there throughout. Our HR and Recruitment team will help you hire the best talent available in your region, through a thorough interview and background check process. We will train the hired staff, on our premises.
  4. The Beginning
    We will handhold you into this new venture and take baby steps alongside you, teaching you the tricks of the trade. We will manage the operations and administration of the business, helping you understand the business. Our dedicated specialists will be involved with you through the process.